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Pokémon Go Creators Introduce “Peridot”.

A unique digital mythical creature that wants to be nurtured and cared for and comes to life thanks to augmented reality. Developer Niantic wants to merge approaches reminiscent of Tamagotchi and Pokemon Go into “virtual pets” under the name “Peridot”.

Peridot is the name of the new game from the Pokémon Go creators

The worldwide hype surrounding the Japanese electronic toy Tamagotchi in 1997 impressively demonstrated that the idea of ​​the digital pet that really needs to be cared for can become a mass phenomenon. Now the developer Niantic, best known for the enthusiasm surrounding Pokémon Go, wants to take the concept of the virtual pet to a new level with real care. With the project “Peridot” they present their own new brand.

This is a mobile AR game that revolves around “Caring for, raising and breeding lovely, unique creatures”. The developers create the little creatures very flexibly and speak of “infinite possibilities of peridot archetypes”. Like the low-tech, egg-shaped ancestors of the Tamagotchi line, caring for the new digital pets is then about recognizing and meeting needs, and watching them grow. You can combine classic elements such as feeding, playing, and petting with new tasks such as walking or searching for objects in the real environment.

In addition, once the little creatures have grown up, it will be possible to breed “new generations” from “mating” Peridots of other players. The traits of the parents must unite and thus new “unique creatures” arise.

Soft launch and registration

First of all, the game will start in a beta testing phase and in a limited number of markets – Niantic has not yet announced which ones. Interested parties can already register at the Peridot homepage Sign up with your email address to receive updates.