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Will China’s Tight Control Over The Internet Be Its Demise?

China is a country that has developed and grown in a short span. The country has adopted technology and created miracles from it. The AI experts in the country will bring further advancement, but then comes the catch in the perfect scenario.

China has never allowed its citizens to be totally free. They have bound them with invisible chains. In the world where the country itself is heading towards further technological developments, the citizens are not allowed to use the internet freely. It has been the same for years, but now that the world is moving in one direction and the Chinese government is forcing its people to run in the opposite direction. Recently the constraints have tightened, the condition has worsened and the control is increased.

Just a couple of months back Apple removed its VPNs from China App Store, making life tough for the people of China. Then the Chinese officials conduct drills to tighten their control over the internet and then just yesterday we heard the news of a teen who was beaten to death because he became an internet addict.

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Where is China going as a nation? We know that China has beaten America in Artificial Intelligence. We know that Chinese electronic companies are the best in the world. We know that China is a country proud of its language and origin. But what is the country doing with its people?

I think we have all heard the story that if you close the gates, people would fight, resist and try to break the rules to find out what lies behind the closed doors but if you keep them open, nobody would ever run because there is nothing to run from. So this is just an advice to the Chinese government to not let your people go on such height that they start to conspire against you and become the cause of your death.

Nicole Craig

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