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Windows 10 is out there now Is Windows 10 Microsoft’s New Game Changer?

Microsoft Windows 10

The much anticipated Windows 10 is here, following a slightly disappointing stint from its predecessor, Windows 8.1. It would be inaccurate to claim that Windows 8.1 was inadequate in any way. However, performance-wise, it was overshadowed by its own predecessor – Microsoft Windows 7, previously lauded as the most resource-efficient Windows OS launched in a decade.

Stunning graphics, yet again:

It appears now that Windows 10 is here to turn the game once again in the favor of its makers, Microsoft. It sports stunning graphics that have wowed users since the launch of the resource-guzzling Windows Vista, has device-independent features that was the key driving force behind Windows 8.1, and should include a performance to match (and potentially outmatch) both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Better performance?

Comparative analyses performed by users and independent analysts have proved that the latest OS is, indeed, Microsoft’s new war horse. With the exception of the bootup time, it easily outperforms its predecessors. Its performance in regard to gaming as well as application is fantastic, especially if multithreaded.

An OS for any device:

After Windows 8, the latest successor Windows 10 takes mobility to the next level. This OS has been designed to be compatible with computers as well as mobile devices. In other words, not only is this OS going to be installed on desktop computers and laptops; soon enough, it is going to be available in phones manufactured by Microsoft as well. This is the driving force behind what Microsoft has dubbed the “Universal Windows Apps” strategy. The strategy involves the development of apps that can be run on any device. The rationale is that all those devices would be running the same platform – Microsoft Windows 10. In short, if a person purchased an app for his mobile device, he would be able to install it on his desktop or his laptop as well – since the platform or OS remains the same for all these devices. This might just be Microsoft’s game-changing vision, which focuses on the fast-growing supremacy of smartphones and multiple device types across the world. To accommodate this aspect of the framework, Microsoft will be updating several of its Nokia Lumia handsets (including 930, 950, and 950XL). Some of the existing handsets may even be offered an upgrade, free of cost.

No complaint, but anything novel?

On the other hand, while there have been very few instances of negative feedback, some users have expressed a hint of disappointment that the OS – in spite of its ground-breaking advent – does not essentially sport any significant performance improvement over Windows 7. Needless to say, Windows 10 did not provide much room for complaint anyway. Tests conducted using diagnostic tools revealed that however negligible, the scores of features associated with Windows 10 did not appear to come for a more than reasonable price. Even marginally, Windows 10 managed to outperform Windows 7 in nearly every test.

Microsoft still continues to dominate a large proportion of the market of personal computers, its new Microsoft Hololens is a game changer. The question that remains now to be answered is – will its new brainchild be the trump card that would finally cause its competitors to re-think their strategies?


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