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Windows 10 PCs Will Support Android Apps From 2021

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It’s no secret that the lack of apps is partly or even primarily responsible for the failure of Windows Phone. Because despite all efforts Microsoft could not close the so-called “App Gap“. Next year there might be some kind of irony in history.

Because currently, Microsoft is apparently working on a way to get Android apps to work on Windows 10. As Zac Bowden writes in a Windows Central outlook for the next year with regard to the Microsoft operating system, he was able to hear from sources in the Redmond company that they are working on a corresponding solution.

Accordingly, Microsoft is currently playing or experimenting with how to add Android apps to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10can bring. Bowden: “I don’t know how far this plan has progressed or when it will be implemented, but I have been told that it might show up in 2021.” He doesn’t have any further details to offer at the moment but says he’ll be able to report something new soon.

App mirroring on Galaxy is already possible

For those familiar with Windows 10, this shouldn’t come as a great surprise, because Microsoft has come closer and closer to the Android ecosystem with the Your Phone app and intensive cooperation with Samsung and the Galaxy devices. Currently, the functionality based on the support for “hosted apps” introduced in the course of the May 2020 update is only available from devices made by the Koreans.

Put simply, this is because “Link to Windows” is a joint development by Samsung and Microsoft. The Redmond company wants to break this restriction. That was originally planned, but mirroring Android apps via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has not proven itself.