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Redmi Vs Samsung Smartphones: Which One is Best for You?

Samsung Vs Redmi

So, it’s time to settle the debate once and for all. Which brand is the best and which one should you buy? You are looking for just the one-word answer which tells the winner brand, right? Well, turns out the answer is never going to be simple when you are comparing brands that are constantly on the lookout to deliver something good.

Because Samsung and Redmi manufacture bring multiple smartphone models to the market each year the debate should boil down to the specifics of the budget and the specs that one is looking for. So, let’s discuss this in this short blog post and see how we can choose the right brand for us.


Samsung has been one of the leading manufacturers and innovators when it comes to the electronics market. It has often been one of the first companies to commercially release an innovative upgrade. Today its name in the smartphone industry is synonymous to quality and innovation. It has a loyal fan base all around the globe. It had dominated the smartphone market in multiple countries until Redmi came along.

Even though there were other smartphone manufacturers who regularly brought newer models to the market they weren’t able to compete at the level of Samsung.


Redmi came with a simple concept. Take the specs of high-end models that other brands are manufacturing and put it in a smartphone of their own and sell it for 30 percent less. While this strategy did grab the attention of the American smartphone users, it was not enough to shake their unwavering loyalty towards Apple.

But where it hit most were the countries in which most people belong to the lower socioeconomic backgrounds and would like to have good specs for a low price. This gained Redmi a nice entry to the smartphone market and slowly they started using their revenue to innovate and make newer models with better specs still at a relatively lower price than other brands.

Market Share

Currently, Redmi has over 10% of the global smartphone market share. What’s impressive is that they did this massive jump in a relatively shorter time than the top mobile brands. But guess who still holds the biggest share? It’s a Samsung.

Yes, when you have built an audience by delivering quality and innovative products then you are here to stay for the long run. Earlier, when it came to budget phones the Samsung smartphones though good, offered a sort of clunky experience. The phones often got hanged and had other issues.

But in recent years, Samsung has delivered some quality smartphones like the A-series and the M series to the market which have been quite successful in attracting customers. It went head to head with multiple Redmi models launched by Redmi and was able to give good competition.

One issue that many people will have when it comes to Redmi is that even though the phones are packed with features and even look perfect on paper the reality is a bit disappointing. Let’s take the camera unit for an example. Redmi is always one of the leading brands to incorporate multiple camera units into a smartphone model at a lower price. It even offers quite high megapixel lenses. But you can easily see that the quality of the images isn’t that good.

This is a place where OnePlus was able to capitalize. From their very first models, OnePlus was able to provide a decent camera experience. Samsung also struggles with this when it comes to their budget phones but for a lot of people, the performance of its camera is better than the Redmi models.

Battery Backup

Samsung has been focusing a lot on the battery backup of their budget smartphones which are now coming packed with 6000 mAh (Samsung Galaxy M31). Redmi is not much behind and is delivering models powered by 5000 mAh for the same price range. But yeah on average Samsung does provide you a better battery for the price.

You will generally not find any clunkiness when it comes to the UI and the OS functions. Here, your likes and dislikes will matter more as from the functional point of view both brands provide a comfortable UI experience.

Other Electronic Products

Though Samsung is not a big player in the laptop market it still holds a share of that market and guess who’s joining the party as well. Yup, Redmi. Redmi has been slowly venturing into other electronic products with moderate success.

Its mi band, power banks, earphones, etc. have been showing decent sales. Redmi will become one of the laptop brands which provide cheaper alternatives. They have already launched a couple of budget-friendly models which have some good specs even though they still have a long way to go (unless, of course, if they bring out a sort of flagship laptop model as well).

So, which brand should you choose?

Well, it depends on a lot of things but we will try to boil it down to a few. Try to decide on your budget. If it is below $270 then you should try leaning towards Redmi models as they tend to have more specs and generally a decent enough quality for that price range. But do your research. Who knows if Samsung comes up with a banger for money. If your budget is in the $350 to $400 or above then you can lean towards Samsung.

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