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Windows 10 To Receive Linux Kernel Built-in This Summer

Windows 10 Insider preview

Windows 10 and Linux are getting closer to build a relationship which could be collaborative for future innovations, as Microsoft has announced that the company is going to add full Linux Kernel in Windows 10.

The Linux support will first show up as insider preview builds by the end of June, it will underpin the new Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. Microsoft will release the first version 4.19 which is the most latest and stable Linux release, the company will also keep updating the future stable releases.

However, this is not the first release of Linux Kernel, Microsoft has already released the Linux Kernel to its Azure Sphere last year, but Microsoft is releasing to Windows for the first time. Now windows users would also be able to use Linux inside their windows package.

The current drop-in replacement for the emulator should speed up the performance significantly and faster boot up time and efficient use of memory. The Kernel itself will be kept open source with instructions also available to create your own, Microsoft also ensures to contribute changes it makes are also available for others. Microsoft has also announced a new version of Windows Terminal Command Line App.

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