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Windows 11 22H2: Timetable Set – A Few Days Until “Function Complete”


The Windows 11 versions currently circulating in the tester communities will soon culminate in the next major feature update. Although this will only be officially published in the autumn, delivery is in principle planned within a few days. The variant in question is referred to as “Windows 11 22H2” or also as “Sun Valley 2”. The different builds were all focused on this version, of course. Now, however, it is slowly becoming clearer which features will come in the upcoming update and which Windows 11 users will have to wait longer for. By US Magazine windows latest Evidence has been found that Microsoft has set February 4 as the date for the “Function Complete” status. All other new features will then only be built into builds intended for later releases. In the 22H2 branch, on the other hand, nothing more is added. A month later, on March 4, the status “Config complete” should be reached, after which no major changes will take place. The coming months are only intended for extensive testing and corrections, so that an update that works as flawlessly as possible can be released on the market in the autumn.

Enough time to test

There have been several features and major changes in the development departments over the past few months, but not all of them will be included in 22H2. Users will almost certainly get significantly improved desktop performance and several changes to the Settings app in the fall. And there is also talk of a major update for the widgets. On the other hand, the expected taskbar remodeling and some other features will likely come in a later feature update. That might be a little unsatisfactory for some, as there’s still a lot of time until the final release in the fall. However, Microsoft has learned a lot from the problem releases of the past and clearly prioritizes extensive testing over spectacular releases. Also see:

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