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Windows 11 Beat Linux In Tests Benchmark Score Revealed

Windows 11

In cooperation with Intel, Microsoft has integrated some optimizations into its new Windows 11 operating system in order to be able to achieve better performance with the Alder Lake processors. The Redmond-based company was able to beat many Linux distributions in benchmark tests.

The benchmark results come from the hardware side of Phoronix. A twelfth generation Intel Core processor, the new i9-12900K, the ROG STRIX Z690E motherboard, 64 GByte DDR5 RAM from Corsair and Windows 11 Pro Build 22000 were used in the tests. Various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Clear Linux, and Fedora Workstation were also used. Phoronix carried out a total of 104 benchmark tests.

Various tasks were tested with the benchmarks. Initially, some browser and web applications were run using Selenium. In addition, clips were encoded with the AV1 video codec and then decoded again. Most recently, Phoronix decompressed data and had a larger data set visualized.

Optimizations helped

Windows 11 achieved the best results 45.2 percent of the time. Windows 11 came last in only 23 percent of the tests. The optimizations that Microsoft has built into its operating system are primarily responsible for the lead. With the Intel Thread Director, tasks are divided between the different computing cores. While Windows 11 supports Intel’s big.LITTLE architecture well, the Linux distributions cannot currently use the full potential of the Alder Lake processors.

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