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AMD Warns Windows 10 Users Of Vulnerabilities Found In Radeon Graphics Driver


Some security vulnerabilities were recently found in the graphics drivers provided by AMD. The company is now warning of the vulnerabilities and recommends updating the drivers. With the vulnerabilities, attackers have the option of obtaining higher rights.

As AMD writes in the warning message, the vulnerabilities were found in versions 20.7.1, 20.11.2, 21.3.1, and 21.4.1 of the Radeon software and in versions 21.Q1 and 21.Q2 of the Pro software for Enterprise. A high degree of threat should emanate from the majority of the vulnerabilities. If the gaps are successfully exploited, hackers can obtain higher rights on the affected systems and access protected memory areas. Windows 10 PCs are said to be affected by the vulnerabilities.

Already Patched

There are a total of 27 different security vulnerabilities. While AMD rates the threat level of nine vulnerabilities as “medium”, the remaining holes represent a high risk. A complete overview can be found here. However, the developers have already closed the vulnerabilities and made appropriate patches available. Therefore, all users using the specified versions should install the latest update.

It is not yet known whether the vulnerabilities have been exploited in practice. In addition, no specific attack scenarios were published. Whether in addition to Windows 10 Windows 11 is also affected by the vulnerabilities, is also still unclear. Therefore, regardless of which operating system they are using, users should keep their drivers up to date. The updates can be downloaded from the support page.