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Windows 11 Insider: Paint update launches more design changes

Microsoft has released another update for the Paint app. The focus is on design improvements that adapt the classic Paint app to the new Windows 11. However, there are no real innovations in this update. That reports that Online magazine Deskmodder  MS Paint had already received its first major visual overhaul in years in 2021, and now other parts of the app are being “refreshed” that were left out earlier in the updates. The newly designed lacquer is mainly based on elements such as rounded corners and mica design. A new toolbar reminiscent of Office has also been added.

However, the Paint update is still primarily a visual refresh — some parts of the app are still based on Windows 8-era code. Microsoft has not updated all dialog boxes. Commonly used dialog boxes, such as the color picker or the resizing tool, are still there with the old design, without drawing the fluid design, and WinUI 3.0. However, with the new Paint update, Microsoft has gone a step further in enabling WinUI elements. Paint has now updated the Edit Color, Resize, and Tilt dialog boxes to match the design principles of Windows 11.

Paint should start with Windows 22H2

The update is now available outside the Windows Insider channel and still includes a number of bug fixes and improvements. For example, we fixed an issue where text boxes moved unexpectedly when using IME. Also fixed an issue where some dialog boxes were not localized correctly in certain regional languages. Incidentally, the new Paint app is expected to come preinstalled with Windows 11 version 22H2 when the feature update is released later this year.

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