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Windows 11: Leak shows the new desktop stickers

The feature that appeared a few weeks ago to personalize desktop backgrounds with stickers under Windows 11 is now in action for the first time. As a hidden feature, insiders can let their creativity run wild. A final rollout is expected in the fall. In the code of the latest developer versions of Windows 11, the well-known leaker and Twitter user “Albacore” discovered the new sticker options for wallpapers in early February, the functionality of which can now be seen in the video below.

In the future, users will be able to manually add stickers through the Settings app in the Personalization -> Wallpaper area, which can be placed as static objects on all desktop background images.

Using desktop stickers is easy

As you can see in the video, you can choose the size and position of the stickers yourself. A suitable overlay allows for relatively easy, self-explanatory placement. As Albacore continues to report, the sticker settings will remain even if the Windows 11 wallpaper is changed later. It remains unclear what selection of stickers Microsoft will offer at the launch or whether full personalization with your own images will be possible.

Chances are the desktop stickers will be ready in time for the big Windows 11 22H2 (Sun Valley 2) update (Sun Valley 2) in the fall after crossing the official Dev, Beta, and Release Preview channels. The same applies to the already officially presented design changes in the area of ​​the taskbar and the so-called widget board. For these two, the Redmond company is working on an improved display for tablets and a “dynamic, blended” feed for news and Co.