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Windows 11: Might Be The Name For Future Windows

Windows 11

Last night Microsoft announced that it would unveil the future of Windows at its own keynote on June 24th, which might be the Windows 11. However, since then, it has been puzzled as to what the Redmond company will actually introduce and, above all, what the “new” Windows will actually be called.

First of all: Anyone who is usually annoyed by speculations, which are sometimes caused by the hair, should not read any further at this point. Because some things that some observers and experts currently want to read out are of a rather dubious nature. Because Microsoft will probably only present a major update for Windows 10 in three weeks and not a completely new version of the operating system.

Finally, at the start of Windows 10, the Redmond company announced that it would be the “last” operating system and that Windows will henceforth be seen as a “work in progress” in the sense of a “software as a service” model. And actually, there is no reason to doubt it even six years after Windows 10 started.

Windows 11 Almost Confirmed

Nevertheless, there are some signs that the company will introduce “Windows 11“. But this requires a certain amount of will. The event starts on June 24th at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, which is not the time Microsoft starts most of its press events, as Windows Central notes.

The second (alleged) hint is said to be hidden in the short animated video that Microsoft added on Twitter as part of the event announcement: In it, you can see a window through which light falls on the floor. In the manner of Rorschach test images, some want to recognize an “11” in the two parallel beams.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella spoke of the “next generation” of Windows as early as the build conference (where the topic of Windows was almost completely ignored). Is it all a hint or even proof? We will see.