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Windows 11 Preview: Windows Defender Slows Down Videos

Last week, Microsoft released the Insider Preview with build number 22581, which now also brings several new features to the beta channel, which will be distributed as a major update next fall. But this pre-release is not without its problems. Next fall, Microsoft will release the Windows 11 edition, codenamed “Sun Valley 2”, the feature update also known as version 22H2 is the first major package of new features for Windows 11.

These new features make their first “tears” in the Dev Channel, then it goes to the Beta Channel. While this means that the beta version is more stable, it is still far from “bug-free”. And so you should always be aware of bugs and other system problems. Currently, a Reddit user named kristijan1001 Found a bug that caused videos to take way too long to open (via Ghacks With build 22581, it takes up to two minutes for a video to actually start after being clicked.

Fortunately, the Redditor found out what was causing it and posted the corresponding solution. And the reason is quite interesting, which is the operating system’s own antivirus solution, Windows Defender aka Windows Security. More specifically, the Smart Screen functionality is responsible for this delay. If you disable the feature, the videos will start as fast as usual.

This is how to disable it:

  • Open the “Windows Security” app (best found in the Start or Settings menu)
  • Click App & Browser Control
  • Select Reliability-Based Protection
  • Disable the top slider in Check apps and files (this only works if you are logged in as an administrator)

From this point on, the videos should play without any problems.

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