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Windows 11 SE Could Be The Next Cloud Windows Version

Windows 11 SE

Years ago, Microsoft experimented with a cloud version of Windows 10, which was initially known as Windows 10 Cloud, and finally came onto the market as Windows 10 S or was offered preinstalled. This could celebrate a comeback in the course of Windows 11.

The S mode was a well-intentioned idea in itself, but it was not even rudimentarily accepted by customers and was accordingly discontinued later. Windows 10 S, which was initially developed or was known as Windows 10 Cloud, should offer more security and control by restricting access to apps – namely those from the Microsoft Store. Only Edge was possible as a browser in Windows 10 S.

The idea fell through with the users

Microsoft also hoped for better performance from this Windows 10 variant, since only directly certified software should run. Windows 10 S was intended for companies, schools, and universities. The problem was, however, that the users did not want to accept this basically good idea, because installing x86 programs is one of the basic functions of the Microsoft operating system. Windows 10 S fared like Windows RT at the time: It ultimately disappeared silently (via upgrades to Windows 10 Pro).

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But apparently, Microsoft does not want to give up the idea and warm up in 2021: As the Twitter user @fakirmeditation alias Sigma discovered, a version called Windows 11 SE can also be activated in Windows 11. This seems to be a “successor” of Windows 10 Cloud or Windows 10 S.

Windows 11 SE will in all likelihood build heavily on the new Microsoft Store, but this is not yet available, which is why one can only speculate what consequences this will have for Windows 11 SE and what features SE will offer.