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Windows 11: Task Manager Remains in The Taskbar Menu

Sometimes it’s worth it if many users don’t let up and keep pushing. Microsoft now has a peek and is bringing Task Manager back to the taskbar context menu. This decision must have been difficult for the Windows team.

Actually, at this point, they wanted to carry out a completely clear cut in favor of a significant simplification of the design. Right-clicking on the taskbar only gave the option to call up its settings. The context menu has been completely cleared out at this point.

With regard to most other points, the users probably didn’t care either. But the fun probably stopped when accessing the task manager, which had been in this location for a very long time.

The feedback should have reached a fairly high level. Because with the provision of the Windows 11 build 25211 in the developer channel, the task manager shortcut reappeared as the only additional option in the menu. “Based on your feedback, we’ve included Task Manager in the context menu that appears when you right-click the taskbar. Let us know what you think,” Microsoft said.

More detailed Changes

In the new build, you can also see some changes in detail. For example, the developers have separated the widget selection from the widget settings to make it a bit more intuitive to use. Furthermore, it is now again possible to rearrange the icons in the system tray.

These were recently firmly anchored in their positions. Microsoft has also made various minor improvements and bug fixes that are normal in the development process. Some things shouldn’t be set in stone yet. In any case, the various functions and transformations will only reach a more final state when the developer channel is left and the respective Windows version is nearing completion.

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