Windows 10 October 2022 Update Releasing Soon with Activation Pack

The upcoming feature update for Windows 10 is just around the corner: The new version, the Windows 10 October 2022 Update, will be equipped with smaller new functions and offer improvements for companies. Now there are indications of the release date. Microsoft plans to launch the next Windows 10 version in October.

The upcoming version will then officially be called “Windows 10 October 2022 Update”. A spokesman for the company confirmed this as part of the release of Windows 11, version 2022, last week. It went a bit under – Windows manager John Cable had in the Blog post to start Windows 11 also reported the following: “As I mentioned earlier, for customers using a device that is not Windows 11 eligible, Windows 10 is a great choice.

Windows 10 is on maintenance until October 14, 2025, and we have announced that the next feature update for Windows 10, version 22H2, will be coming next month to continue to provide you with both support and choice with Windows.”

However, this start time frame was hardly known until now, quite the opposite. Many users were wondering where the Windows 10 update was when Microsoft released the Windows 11 feature update. Microsoft announced the Windows 10 update a few weeks ago, but without a date. In July, we reported that the next Windows 10 release from Microsoft will be called a “Limited Feature Servicing Update.”

Activation Pack in October

It has long been clear that the new version will not bring any extensive changes. As with previous Windows 10 updates, there will be an enablement package for the new features.

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