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Windows 365 Cloud License Is $31 Per User Per Month

Windows 365

Microsoft had already presented the new Windows 365 at the start of this year’s Inspire conference. However, some questions remained open in the official announcement – including the price. Now there is more information.

Microsoft had announced at the presentation of the new Windows 365 cloud service that the company would not announce any pricing options, but the group then “gossiped”. According to the online magazine The Verge, Microsoft simply slipped through that one of the new price levels for Windows 365 was shown in one of the presentations at the Inspire.

$31 Per User Per Month

A picture was shown that offered the virtual Windows PC in the cloud for the US $31 per user per month. This pricing option was revealed when the company was demonstrating how businesses can sign up for the service. For the monthly subscription of US $31, Microsoft offers two CPUs, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage space. This is part of the Windows 365 Business option, which is intended for companies with fewer than 300 total users. The $ 31 should not be the entry-level price, because there are still Windows 365 options that offer less performance and should therefore also be cheaper.

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“That’s pricing for just one SKU. Microsoft will have many more options, both in terms of configurations and price points, which we’ll share when the product is generally available on August 2nd,” a Microsoft spokesman confirmed in a statement to The Verge.

Apart from the pricing, Microsoft has submitted further details about Windows 365. Every cloud PC will be able to access fast internet connections with 10 Gbit / s download and 4 Gbit / s upload speeds. Microsoft is also working on ways to redirect videos and other multimedia elements into virtual sessions, according to The Verge. Microsoft plans to roll out Windows 365 on August 2nd. Then at the latest, there should be more information about the prices.