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Windows security update activates BitLocker recovery

Microsoft recently released a security update for Secure Boot for Windows, which failed to install on many systems. Now users are reporting that this is not the only problem – there is a bug associated with BitLocker. It concerns KB5012170. This is a security update to DBX, a signature database that is not trusted (Secure Boot Forbidden Signature Database).

As reported, this update will only apply to some users if they also perform a UEFI update. Now there are indications that even if you have overcome the hurdles to installing the update, there are other issues. Many computers start up with BitLocker recovery after the update is applied. According to the Online magazine The Register and a number of reports on the Microsoft forums, Reddit, and Twitter, Windows 11 prompts users to enter the recovery key on the BitLocker recovery screen. It is currently unknown if other Windows versions are also affected.

Recovery is possible

The flaw, according to initial findings, will not affect the stored data, meaning users can regain access to their system by entering their keys stored in Microsoft accounts or Active Directory. Another annoying error reported by users after installing KB5012170 is changing the hard drive configuration from RAID to AHCI.

Similar to the BitLocker recovery error, users can restore the affected systems to RAID without data loss. Microsoft has not yet confirmed the newly discovered bug in KB5012170. At this point, the only recognized issue for the Secure Boot DBX security update is that it cannot be installed on some systems without a UEFI update.

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