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Working Effectively with Technology: How to Uplevel Your Output

Work from home

The entire working landscape has experienced a monumental shift over the last few decades, with the assistance of top-of-the-range technology which is becoming cheaper and much more accessible to the wider public. Systems and devices that were once difficult to acquire are now extremely common to see in a standard workplace.

After the initial pandemic, interest and desire for workplaces to allow a work-from-home culture became a very common reality after a period whereby the majority of the population was working from home. This allowed businesses to reduce the office spaces needed whilst giving their employees the complete freedom to work from home.

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Increasing your output effectively

When working with technology, it’s vital to ensure that you are using systems and software which can aid your ability to provide top-quality results with less effort required from the user. While it can be difficult to outline which systems are most effective for your style, the general scope of what you need is rather simple.

In order to ensure the software and systems you are currently using are what you want and need, users need to regularly review the software while actively keeping an eye on the newer systems coming out that will rival the current. In technology, competition is rife, and with a mass amount of competitors, you’re likely to regularly find cheaper and easier options for what you need.

Hot Key shortcuts

This is a factor that is often overlooked but can drastically reduce the amount of time taken to write generic points or e-mails that people would type hundreds or thousands of times each day. Hotkeys allow the user to create a script that would roll out once the key command is written and could be as basic as the general layout of an email, only leaving the general content needing to be filled.

Grammar software

With an abundance of grammar and spelling software out there, having this type of software is a must these days. Grammarly is a fantastic example of one and in order to always ensure your grammar is smooth and spelling is stellar, adding this as an extension should be a mandatory application. A special mention to Power Thesaurus which gives you the ability to master your words, becoming a true wordsmith and giving a great platform to learn.

Team boards

 Team boards can come in various formats but one great example is Trello. A shared whiteboard so to speak, where you can control, update and monitor your team’s tasks. Not only can you control and monitor team tasks and projects, but it also gives a great platform for data entry, and all previously completed tasks are kept on the platform, allowing for feedback and reviews.

Time management apps

What many companies have been challenged by since the pandemic and the work-from-home revolution is to effectively track their employees’ activity, as it’s significantly more difficult to ensure members of the team are completing their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Time management applications, such as Clockify, ensure that users are clocking in what projects they are doing and track once the tasks have been completed, giving a great representation of how long these tasks should be taking and also giving an insight into improving the efficiency surrounding certain tasks.

As with Clockify, this is an application that integrates many other apps and allows for a more seamless experience. Most employers would want to enforce this type of software while not alarming their workforce and having software with an all-in-one purpose is vital for any business, and knowing that most companies use Microsoft products, the software should be compatible.

Working harder to work easier

When working with technology, it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting things done there and then, no matter the role you’re filling. However, putting in the work to research what you need for your tasks, and setting these up along with any necessary scripts, software installations, and maintenance can reduce the time taken to complete menial tasks and take hours’ worth of work away.

Alongside the time taken out of completing such tasks, applications such as grammar and spelling, time management, and project management can immeasurably improve the quality of work produced and will likely impress clients. The customer is constantly being bombarded with offers to improve their service, offering better prices or with more included in their packages. Small improvements go a long way and show a commitment to always being able to offer more.

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