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World Will End On September Following the Solar Eclipse – Conspiracy Theorists

There were many theories about the world, how it came into being, when would it end and what would happen next. The matter of concern at the moment is that if a certain conspiracy theorist is to believe, the world would end in just a couple of weeks.

David Meade is a Christian numerologist has given warning that there is a strong likelihood of a mysterious planet ‘Nibiru’ to crash itself into the Earth.

As his theory goes the solar eclipse of this month would indicate whether this unknown planet would collide with Earth or not. The Christian numerologist is quoting Bible to back his claims.
Nibiru is not Planet Nine that was projected by astronomers last year in January. The conspiracy theorists think that the gravitational effect of Nibiru a rouge planet disturbed the orbits of other planets centuries ago. Now it is believed that another disturbance inside the solar system can take place at any time.

Other beliefs are that Nibiru is transmitting ‘plasmatic energy particles’ via our solar system. The changes would bring huge alterations in the climate of Earth.
Often natural disasters and weird climatic changes are blamed upon this planet. As for Nasa, it says that ‘Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax.’ ‘Obviously, it does not exist.’ Nasa claims it is internet hoax while many believe it to be real.

There have been predictions since 2003 that Nibiru would soon end the world. Now Meade has made his claim that in October Nibiru would crash into the Earth. The angle from which the star is coming towards earth makes it difficult to spot it.

Now the theorist says that ‘Great American Eclipse’ would define the date of planet’s arrival. The planet would crash into Earth following the eclipse, clearing out all of humanity.
Meade believes that after the eclipse Nibiru could be seen in the skies on 23rd September before it collides with Earth.