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UK Is Lagging Behind European Countries In Terms Of Average Broadband Speed

In the broadband speed ranking, Britain holds the 31st position in the World, trailing behind the majority of Europe, Thailand and New Zealand.

The average broadband download speed in the UK as per a recent report is 16.5Mbps. At this speed, it takes around an hour to download a big movie like Lord of the Rings.

The speed in the UK in comparison to that of Singapore is less than a third. Singapore tops the broadband speed ranking by downloading a 7.5Gb film in just 18 minutes.

Comparing average speed in the UK with other European countries it is seen that the UK is quite behind with speed in Germany 18.8Mbps, Spain 19.6Mbps, Sweden 40Mbps, Hungary 23Mbps. Countries outside Europe also have speed better than UK with the US having 20Mbps, Canada 18Mbps and New Zealand 16.6Mbps.

Broadband speed of UK is less than 19 European countries out of which 17 are part of European Union.

Dan Howdle, consumer and telecoms analyst at Cable.co.uk says  “These results offer us a fresh perspective on where we sit in the broadband world, relatively speaking, we are near the top of the table. However, many of those ahead of us, some a long way ahead, are our neighbors both in the European Union and wider Europe. Is it good enough to lag behind 20 other European countries in terms of broadband speed?”

Apart from UK countries that have low broadband speed are France and Italy holding 37th and 46th position respectively.

A minimum of 10Mb broadband is delivered by Ofcom to all UK households.

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Talking in general out of thirty 20 countries with fast broadband speed is present in Europe, and 17 out 30 slowest performing countries are in Africa.

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