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World’s First 3D Flash Memory With TSV Technology Has Been Developed—Toshiba

Last week on Tuesday, Toshiba has announced that it is developing the world’s first BiCS Flash, a 3D flash memory by using Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology and Triple Level Cell (TLC) technology.

The world’s leading company in chip and memory solutions Toshiba Corporation recently has selected a bidder for its chip business, the company was facing some financial issues in the past and has decided to sell its chip business.

Toshiba started prototype shipments of this device in June for development purposes, the actual product is set to be released during the last quarter of 2017.

Toshiba is going to unveil and showcase this new technology in Flash Memory Summit in California which is going to held from August 7 until August 10.

The new technology is said to be a successor of her previously launched 2D NAND flash memory which was admired for its high performance. This time Toshiba will take it to the next level, the world’s first 3D memory equipped with TSV technology has vertical electrodes and VIAs, passes through the silicon to provide connections, this architecture would provide groundbreaking speeds in data input and output while saving a lot of power.

The 3D flash process is consisting of 48 layers, combined 48-layers and TVS technology increases product programming bandwidth and extremely reduces power consumption, which is almost the twice than its predecessor which used wire-bonding technology.

The TVS BiCS FLASH device also enables 1TB with 16-die stacked architecture in a single package.

Toshiba Memory Corporation plans to commercialize BiCS Flash with TVS technology for the businesses that require applications on low latency, higher bandwidth and high IOPS/watt, including SSDs.

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