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World’s First DSLR Smart Assistant Revealed

The first DSLR smart assistant around the world is now revealed. Yes, Aurga is the World’s first DSLR Assistant.

The assistant is developed on Artificial Intelligence system. The user is informed about best configuration settings through Aurga by calculating the optimal number of exposures, takes them at different focus positions, and merging them into one crystal clear image.”

There is a hardware component that will be put on top of the DSLR device, connecting remotely to Aurga the app. Aurga will automatically create a perefect scenario to capture a perfect image.

Phoenix Chen, CEO, and Founder of Aurga said, “Our product adds the convenience of smartphone control and the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically select the optimal camera settings so that every shot is perfect. Now, anyone can achieve professional results at the touch of a button.”

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This app is available on both Android devices and iOS.

Also a manual mode option is available that enables fine-tuning of the shutter, ISO, and aperture. The pictures will be captured in different modes including portrait, action, HDR, and time-lapse.

Furthermore, the app claims to save snaps on cloud storage and allows the option of direct share from the app.

As per a statement, “The Aurga hardware and App camera assistant solution for DSLRs is a game-changer for amateurs and professionals alike.”

The question that arises is that if you automate essential settings in a DSLR will it be criticized or approved as DSLR is generally used on its manual settings by the users. In short, if you automate the DSLR settings it changes the original foundation of DSLR.

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Aurga will have its share of loyal users, and its share of criticism. While professionals might find it annoying, the amateurs will find it a great tool to enhance their photography skills.