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World’s First Virtual Data Embassy Will Open Up In Estonia

The first data embassy in the world is set to be opened in Estonia. Estonia, the small Baltic state would open this embassy in Luxembourg by next year.

All the essential Estonian e-government data would be in the server room. Nato and Eurozone member would have easy access to it.

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas said that data and cyber security are extremely important for gaining public confidence and to ensure that everything functions appropriately. He said that daily digital hygiene is essential in the ever increasing digital societies. This statement came up by Ratas after he signed a contract with Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg counterpart of developing the embassy there.

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Estonia is a small city with just 1.3 million people, but it has become a pioneer in technology. Now the development of first data embassy globally in Estonia is quite an achievement.

Estonia was under Soviet rule for five decades which ended in 1991. Since then this small country has just seen growth in technology. The country also founded e-voting in 2005.

The work on this embassy started in 2014 when the country collaborated with Microsoft to save state data on the cloud.

The embassy would backup all kind of data from businesses to land documents, pensions, legislation, and census.

Emilie Toomela, spokeswoman for the ministry of economics and communication said that the aim of this embassy is to ensure country’s virtual data remain safe and secure and to make sure that data could be retrieved from the cloud when required.