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Worst Resale Value Smartphones in 2021

Through 2020-2021 we’ve tracked 310 popular smartphone’s resale values from multiple buyback stores hourly. Crunching this data, we can show consumers which phones are currently burning value by the operating system, brand, and device – essential facts for people selling during upgrades.

Here are examples of some of the biggest red flags:

  • In 0-24 months, on average, flagship Android devices depreciate double the rate of phones.
  • Galaxy S21 Warning: On average, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 range’s resale value dropped 33.87% in 9 months, the iPhone 11 range only lost 16.70% through the whole of 2020.
  • Apple’s black swan: iPhone SE 2020 resale value plummets in 8 months, losing 54.77% of its retail value and 38.32% of its initial trade-in price.
  • Budget Android devices lose an average of 52.61% in the first year and are next to worthless year 3-4.
  • The Google Pixel was one of the worst ranges for price retention, losing on average -38.46% in 2020.

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The worst smartphone brands for holding value are Motorola, HTC, and Sony: On average, losing 39.51% to 53.08% in 12 months.