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Netflix to Launch the Shuffle Play Feature this Year


Earlier today, news came out that Netflix has decided to launch a feature called the Shuffle Play which is ideal for those who have a hard time picking something to watch.

According to the details, the news was confirmed this week during the Q4 Investor interview where the streaming service revealed that the feature will roll out globally soon.

Greg Peters the COO and chief product officer at Netflix stated that our members can fundamentally indicate to us that they just want to skip looking completely, click one button, and we’ll pick a title for them just to play promptly.

Although Peters did not disclose a launch date for the feature, reports have claimed that it will launch during the first half of 2021.

Netflix has apparently been working on this feature since April 2019, where users started seeing a Random Episode button on Netflix. Further testing was spotted by the public once again in August with several people seeing a Shuffle Play button on the app’s UI. This would find things for you to watch based on your tastes.

The users expect to hear an official announcement from Netflix over the coming months.

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