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Xbox Game Pass may soon add a former PlayStation exclusive to its catalog

Xbox Game Pass may have teased the arrival of Death Stranding in its catalog. On his Twitter account, the platform changed his profile picture and showed what looks very much like a landscape from Hideo Kojima’s game. However, the latter has not yet confirmed the information.

“Sometimes we just appreciate a good landscape shot.” Here’s how Xbox Game Pass justified the profile picture change yesterday. At first glance, the image does indeed look like: a green landscape where everything is more normal, to which the platform’s logo has been added.

But on closer inspection, this one looks familiar to many players. It’s finally the NV user who first makes the crazy hypothesis: the Xbox Game Pass would have plagued the arrival of Death Stranding in the catalog. Everything makes us believe when we refer to the new profile picture that seems to come straight from Hideo Kojima’s latest game. Additionally, if the latter was first exclusive to PS4 and PS5, it’s now available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Death Stranding may be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon

There is nothing impossible about it, even if it may surprise some. In fact, it’s not every day that a former PlayStation exclusive lands in the Xbox catalog. For now, the only way to play Death Stranding on Microsoft’s console is through the Edge browser and a cloud gaming service like Google Stadia and GeForce Now.

most gamers seem to agree that the photo posted by Xbox Game Pass is of Death Stranding. For his part, the director concerned is of course silent. Remember we already know Hideo Kojima is currently working with Xbox on “a game” [qu’il] always wanted to do”. The rapprochement between the brand and the development studio can therefore be strengthened with the arrival of its latest game in the cloud gaming service.

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