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Rumors Predicted Google Stadia’s End

Is Google Stadia on the brink of extinction? The rumor mill has tumbled on the subject in recent days. Presumably, there is already a date when the game offer should be over – and this date is already coming. We’ve already reported several times about the end of Google Stadia.

Most recently, indications emerged in May that Google had no interest in continuing and advertising the game service. Then the Stadia gaming tab disappeared from the store. Now there are new rumors that should point to the imminent termination of the service.

But the rumor doesn’t have much substance. A Stadia fan group on Facebook said Stadia would be closing in the near future. However, the source was cited as “an individual who claimed to be connected to a Google employee”. The original post has since been removed from the Facebook group. The news carrier called herself “Donny Jepp”. Not all that reliable. Nevertheless, many media have taken the hint (via 9to5Google). Game Streaming Infographic: Has Google’s Stadia Experiment Failed?

Probably a topic at events

Rumor has it that the company has already unveiled its “exit plan” for Stadia at a Google retail seminar in California. Accordingly, the “end of summer” game streaming service should be discontinued. It further claimed that Stadia will be treated “like Google Play Music“, with “customers being notified 30-60 days before the service is discontinued.” However, this comparison is incorrect because Google Play Music has transferred customers and features to YouTube Music. Google Play Music customers also had over 60 days to switch to YouTube Music.

A brief statement from Google Stadia

Google Stadia spoke out about the rumors on Twitter, denying the rumors:

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