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Xbox Not Getting Windows 11 Android Subsystem

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A few days ago the “Windows 11 Subsystem for Android” app appeared in the Microsoft Store. According to the entry, the application should also support Xbox consoles. Now Microsoft has commented on the subject and denied that the subsystem appears for the Xbox.

The Redmond group has confirmed to Windows Central that there are currently no plans to offer the Android subsystem developed for Windows 11 on the Xbox. Although the statement of course does not rule out the possibility that Xbox support will be delivered in the future, Microsoft has denied the latest rumors for the time being. For the release of Windows 11, the Android subsystem should not have Xbox support.

Support doesn’t make sense

Whether it would even make sense if the Windows 11 Android subsystem could also be used on Xbox consoles is doubtful anyway. Most Android apps are only optimized for smartphones. The apps often only work with restrictions on tablets and TV screens. The support would not automatically mean that numerous mobile games can be played on the Xbox. The titles would have to be adapted and also probably support different Microsoft interfaces.

It is unclear why the subsystem app page published in the store lists the Xbox as a supported platform. Since other programs also list devices with which there is no compatibility, it is likely that this is just an error. Some applications even list Windows Phone as a supported operating system, even though the platform was discontinued several years ago.

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