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Windows 11 System Requirements Necessary To Run Certain Games

The requirement of TPM 2.0 for full Windows 11 use is hotly debated. Now it is becoming clear that Microsoft is not the only one putting pressure on this. Riot Games only lets its shooter “Valorent” start with active safety functions in the new operating system.

Not only Windows insists on new requirements

After very loud criticism, Microsoft recently adjusted the minimum requirements for installing Windows 11. With this, the company makes it possible, among other things, to install the operating system without TPM 2.0 or activation of Secure Boot. However, there is a clear restriction here: If you install Windows 11 via ISO, for example, you can bypass the security functions, but may not receive any updates. Now it is becoming clear that Microsoft is not the only one putting pressure on this. As XDA-Developers reports, there is now the first game that only runs under Windows 11 if all requirements are met.

The first title that requires the use of TPM 2.0 or Secure Boot under Windows 11 is the shooter “Valorant” from the developer Riot Games, which currently has around 14 million monthly active users. It is important to mention: For most of these players, of course, nothing will change for the time being, as the developers continue to forego TPM 2.0 compulsory for Windows 10. It is not known whether this will remain the case until the end of Windows 10 support in October 2025. Under Windows 11, the title simply refuses to work when the operating system is used without these security functions.

Better against cheaters

For Valorant and especially the accompanying anti-cheat software Vanguard, TPM 2.0 support also brings great advantages in the fight against game fraudsters. Among other things, the system prevents a new ID from simply being created after special hardware or device ID has been banned. Anti-cheat experts will definitely comment on the message as the right move.

It will be interesting to see which game developers will announce similar steps in the near future, with the launch of Windows 11 next month, the topic will definitely not lose its explosiveness.

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