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Xbox Series X To Use AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution


Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X/S will be equipped with a new AMD technology in the future. With FidelityFX Super Resolution the picture quality of the Xbox should be improved significantly. In addition, there should be optimizations to the performance of the next-gen console.

A Microsoft spokesman has confirmed this to IGN. AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is a way for developers to increase the frame rate and resolution of a game without additional performance. The technology includes several upscaling modes and must be integrated into the respective game. The developers are provided with special developer kits with which FidelityFX Super Resolution can be built into the games.

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AMD And Nvidia’s DLSS solution

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is a technology that is supposed to imitate Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) published by Nvidia. In contrast to the Nvidia product, FidelityFX Super Resolution does not have to use artificial intelligence to make images look better and to be able to increase performance. In addition, the new AMD technology is an open-source project, so FidelityFX Super Resolution can also be supported by Nvidia GTX GPUs.

While AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution will be available for desktop systems from June 22nd, there is still no release date for the Xbox. So it remains unclear at first when console owners can benefit from the technology. It is conceivable that Microsoft will announce more information on the subject soon.

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