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Xiaomi became the world’s 2nd biggest smartphone maker in Q2 2021

Did you know Xiaomi has become the second-biggest smartphone maker globally in terms of sales?


According to Canalys, a global analytical firm, Xiaomi became the second-biggest smartphone manufacturer in quarter two of 2021 in terms of sales. That’s a huge jump for the company. And the company must thank Huawei since this company leads Xiaomi and many others to score big deals when the US banned Huawei.

According to its stats, Xiaomi shipped more than 300% of devices in Latin America, 150% more sales were made in Africa, and 50% more sales in Western Europe.

Interestingly, the company did not score this huge record just because of Huawei’s exit, but its low price is also one of the biggest reasons behind this increased sales volume. According to more data from Canalys, the average price of a Xiaomi device is still 40% less than that of a Samsung device and 75% less than that of an Apple device.

According to the stats, Samsung stood at the number 1 position with a 19% market share. At number 2 we witness Xiaomi with 17% market share, while at number 3 we have Apple with 14% market share.


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