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The new Freedom Phone brings an uncensored app store

Erik Finman, a self-proclaimed “Bitcoin millionaire, brings a new “uncensored app store’ smartphone to you – Freedom Phone.


Erik Finman, a self-proclaimed “Bitcoin millionaire,” just released a new smartphone, Freedom Phone, that lets you speak freely. The self-proclaimed millionaire said that this phone would feature an “uncensorable app store.” This app store will bring you all those apps which are banned on mainstream app stores.

It is interesting to note that this new smartphone came following the biased ruled-out apps by Big Tech companies like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook. That’s when the US Presidential Elections were conducting in the country and when Donald Trump was forced to step down from his powerful presidential seat.

With limited data about this smartphone, we realized that this Freedon Phone would cost you $499 and has its own operating system, the FreedomOS.

This smartphone is actually manufactured by a Shenzen, China-based company, Umidigi. The Freedom Phone is very close to Umidigi’s A9 Pro that comes for just $179.9 on Amazon.

According to Candace Owens, the so-called “uncensorable app store” resembles the Aurora Store, which is an open-source frontend for the Google Play Store that means all those censored/banned apps would come through Google Play. So it’s confusing for us to call in an “uncensorable app store.”

We don’t have anything about this phone’s specifications. We might get it soon. But we hardly believe people would be interested in buying this device (just thinking out loud).


2 thoughts on “The new Freedom Phone brings an uncensored app store

  1. Since it’s manufacturer is based in Shenzen, I think it safe to assume this “Freedom Phone” is likely NOT free from the prying eyes of the CCP, and I would bet it is rich with Huawei tech inside. Sounds like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The website gives no vital data on the company, it’s origins, the tech INSIDE the phone, or anything other than some bogus “Americana” theme of freedom, privacy and security… all of the trendy talking points and NONE of the truth about this device or the manufacturers of it. This gets a big ole HELL NO from me just based on all they are hiding.

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