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Xiaomi declares a zero-carbon ideology and targets for 2040

The Chinese company Xiaomi has declared its zero-carbon ideology. Besides this, the company has shared its goals to be reached by 2040. Originally the company announced the latest developments ad goals in a blog post. Later on, the blog post was shared by the CEO of the company on Twitter. According to the company it wanted to put emphasis on its devotion to reducing emissions of Greenhouse Gas and thus move towards a low-carbon society.

Xiaomi unveils its future strategy to reach by 2040

The business intends to reduce GHG emissions from its major operational segments by at least 70% at the base year level by 2030. Xiaomi wants to cut its primary operational segments’ GHG emissions by at least 98% by the year 2040, with the goal of achieving net zero emissions.to achieve its goals the company will focus on using low-carbon technologies, renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and long-term green power purchase agreements. Furthermore, the company will push its major suppliers to use renewable energy and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The company has explained in detail its goals and the relevant strategies that will be adopted in order to achieve its goals. All the details are mentioned in the blog post of the company.

Besides Xiaomi, Apple & Samsung also have similar plans

In order to promote a sustainable and healthy environment, several tech companies have revised their current strategies. They are now focusing on recycling, reducing greenhouse gas, and more such approaches. Recently, Apple shared its plans of using 100% recycled cobalt in batteries by 2025. Similarly, in February 2023, the South Korean conglomerate stated that it will achieve its goal of using 100% recycled plastic parts in its smartphones by 2050.

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