Xiaomi has the latest OS for MIUI replacement

With the launch of the Xiaomi 14 and the Xiaomi 14 Pro, the latest Android-based OS was also announced. The latest system is named HyperOS, which is the upcoming replacement for MIUI. This change will be introduced gradually.

HyperOS is pre-installed on Xiaomi 14 series

The Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro are already pre-installed with HyperOS. Though it was a China-based launch of these two devices, it’ll take some time to push out MIUI. Xiaomi will use HyperOS on a global scale.

As mentioned by the company, HyperOS was created back in 2017 but had a different name. Xiaomi is planning to set all its services under one OS. HyperOS is a good option for that. HyperOS is dependent on Linux and Xiaomi’s own Vela system. This makes it compatible with many gadgets, including tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets.

HyperOS is best when it comes to resource management

According to Xiaomi, HyperOS performs admirably in terms of resource management. Performance always needs to be fluid as a result.

Additionally, the company demonstrated “HyperConnect.” This characteristic pertains to connectivity, as its name suggests. Users may control virtually every connected gadget by using it from any location. Users will be able to transmit data and perform a variety of other tasks remotely with it.

This place has also increased security. Xiaomi transmits data using end-to-end encryption and specialized hardware TEE protections.

‘HyperMind AI’ is also a part of package

“HyperMind AI” is another capability that comes with HyperOS. That serves as the equivalent of the AI brain. For optimal performance, it will ascertain your demands and modify your gadgets accordingly.

Large foundation models were also implemented in this OS. It facilitates AI art creation, picture search, and speech recognition. Be aware that this won’t only apply to Xiaomi apps. Please be aware that this is the Chinese version of the program; the international version may vary.

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