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Xiaomi is Seemingly Working on Three High-end Android Tablets

Some recent leaks suggested that Xiaomi could be working on three high-end tablets, having code names: “nabu”, “enuma”, and “elish”.

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Recently, we witnessed three tablet look-alike Xiaomi devices on the internet, and we believe these devices would soon come into the spotlight. The three devices carry code names “nabu”, “enuma”, and “elish”.

We all know when it comes to tablets, Apple is usually the first to come into our minds, followed by Samsung. Both companies have been in the play for long, especially Apple. And no matter how expensive or boring the device is, Apple iPads have been widely popular worldwide. But this doesn’t mean that the tablet market belongs to Apple o Samsung. More could enter, more have been entering, and one just did (although not for the first time). We are talking about Xiaomi.

As Already said in the introductory lines, we have spotted three devices, seemingly tablets and coming from Xiaomi. We also know that Xiaomi has been playing good for some time and may even have given some hard times to the top in the line, including Samsung (perhaps not Apple).

According to XDA-Developers, “a recent alpha version of the MIUI Home app contains a new settings page for demoing system navigation on tablets.”

Moreover, XDA believes that the two models, “enuma” and “elish”, will be variants of one another. The former has a model name that ends in K81, and the latter’s ends in K81A. The model with the code name “nabu” will be different from the two and will have a model name that ends in K82.

According to the source, “Enuma” is expected to support voice calls, while “elish” and “nabu” don’t. From this, we could expect “enuma” to support 4G LTE/5G connectivity.

Some tipsters even have said that all three could have standard 16:10 aspect ratio displays. It’s also predicted that these products would have 2560×1600 resolution and an IPS LCD panel, refreshing at up to 120Hz.

According to one tipster, “Nabu” could have a 10.97-inch panel, dimensions of 236mm x 148mm, and may have an 8720mAh battery under the hood.

It is also rumoured that Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-series chipsets could power these tablets. The “enuma” and “elish” might be powered by Qualcomm’s sm8250 platform, meaning they could come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865, 865+, or 870. The “nabu” is expected to come with Qualcomm’s sm8150 platform (Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, 855+, or 860).

Much of the information is based on tipsters’ speculations. Xiaomi has not confirmed anything as of now (at least not to our knowledge). But since a little information is out, we expect more to hear about these three tablets.

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