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Xiaomi Mi 10 Update Problems Restrict The Phone From Booting

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 10 Reportedly having boot problems after receiving the latest beta system update MIUI 20.3.4. Xiaomi Mi 10 could not boot after updating to the latest beta software.

Xiaomi said the company has received feedback from users about the situation. The update actually displays a black screen and the phone is unable to boot normally. The update apparently has glitches that are not sorted before releasing the update, hence Xiaomi has now stopped rolling out the update to more users.

Some users have also pointed out another glitch in the system, the users claim that they are unable to use SD Card after updating to beta firmware. After pressing the power button for long the device is unable to boot. Xiaomi said they are investigating the issue and release another update soon to fix these issues.

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Xiaomi’s Statement On The Issue

After receiving some user feedback that the Xiaomi Mi 10 has a black screen when upgrading to the internal test development version 20.3.4 and cannot boot normally, we stopped pushing the new version immediately. We are currently investigating the reasons. If there are new developments in the future, we will update this post in a timely manner. We hope everyone will continue to pay attention to the inconvenience caused to you. Please forgive me! Thank You for your support.”

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