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Xiaomi Mi Mix will make you forget every phone

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Bezel-less screens scream sci-fi like anything. Xiaomi  Mi Mix Android phablet is the sci-fi phone of your dreams. Xiaomi Mi Mix Android has a 91.3 percent screen to body ration and is only 6.4 inches. The concept phone came forward this month by the Chinese company. Its release date is November 4th in China and costs $516.

Xiaomi Mi Mix has a lot of specs with a wonderful body. The rear side of the handset is of ceramic. The side buttons are also of ceramic material. The edges of the display corner curve into a firm grasp. There are no top mounted sensors on the phone. Ultrasound has taken over proximity sensor and the earpiece has been replace with piezoelectric speaker. The speaker makes use of a metal frame to generate sound. The front facing camera is on the bottom of the phone. The phone can be rotated upside down as well which takes more flattering selfies.

Xiaomi Mi Mix will make you forget iPhone

Snapdragon 821 chip that is in Google’s Pixels is also part of Xiaomi Mi Mix. The phone has a 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage capacity. The Mi Mix supports two SIM’s. Dual SIM feature is very popular in China. With a 24 bit DAC chip it accounts for higher resolution audio. There is a $590 option of Mi Mix with 6 GB RAM and 256 GB storage which comes with an 18 karat gold accent around the camera. It also has fingerprint sensor on the rear end. The battery weighs 4,400 mAh. The rear end camera is 16 megapixel with a phase detect autofocus. Good news is the headphone jack is still intact.

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The phone is simple and the design team was led by notable French designer Philippe Starck. There are no updates on whether or not this concept phone is functional.

Image via TechnoBuffalo