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Vines are dead and Twitter did it

Vine is a popular social media platform. People can make 6 second videos on loop and then share it with their friends. This became popular in 2013 and was one of the favorite platforms of comedians to use. A lot of individuals got famous because of it and most notable one was Shawn Mendes. Twitter bought Vine but now it is killing it off. For everyone out there who loved the 6 second loop video, Vines are dead. Twitter is terminating Vine to sustain its corporation overall

Vines are dead, forever

A number of layoffs have hit Vine today and there will be many more in the coming days. The mobile app will be discontinued in the coming months. However, the data will remain online and people will have access to it. There is no information on exactly how many employees were laid off or are being offered jobs. Vines are dead but the website will be online and working. There will be no future contributions to vine. People will be able to access vines and download them. This is Twitter’s way of paying respect to the vine community and the video forum.

Twitter has been very slow at investing in Vine. Its co-founders had quit and the forum could never reach the optimal position. The live video feature on Facebook , Snapchat new features anf Instagram video features has severely blunted its growth. It is hard for the company to sustain Vine and hence, the decision to terminate it. Twitter has been slow at adding new features to the forum as well.

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The company is letting  9 percent of its workforce go which means that around 300 employees will be sacked. Vine has been slow in generating more revenue for the company. Now, all eyes are on Twitter’s next move to a sustainable path.

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