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Xiaomi rolls out MIUI 13 optimized version for Foldable Smartphones

Xiaomi is working on adapting its MIUI touch screen interface. If the version installed in the Mi MIX Fold already offers some specific functions, an update has been implemented that significantly improves the handling of the system with the large screen of the foldable smartphone. These are the big changes that will also benefit the successors of the Mi MIX Fold.

The Mi MIX Fold is a very important smartphone for Xiaomi. And this even if it was not released in Europe. The reason is simple: released in 2021, it positioned the Chinese brand in the foldable smartphone segment, ahead of its main competitors, Huawei (which weighed heavily in China a year ago) and Samsung. Quite expensive, the Mi MIX Fold has never been ashamed to compete with the different generations of Galaxy Z Fold.

To accompany the arrival of the Mi MIX Fold, Xiaomi has developed several software functions that are exclusive to the specific sound format. MIUI 12, then based on Android 12, has been modified to take advantage of the main screen and double screen. A dock for iPadOS-like applications is integrated. Multitasking and multi-window modes have been improved. And it was possible to open an app in a floating window.

Xiaomi rolls out the beta version of MIUI 13 for foldable smartphones

This first step was good. But that was only a first step. As part of the program to update its fleet under MIUI 13 (based on Android 12), the brand has implemented a beta version of its interface for the Mi MIX Fold this week. You’ll find the download link at the end of this article, although we’re aware it won’t affect many of our readers, the Mi MIX Fold isn’t sold in the West. This update brings many improvements.

We cannot list them all here. But we wanted to propose to you those that seem most relevant to us. In addition, it is clear that these new features and optimizations brought to MIUI 13 will benefit future foldable smartphones from Xiaomi, which may be released in Europe. We are thinking in particular of the MIX Fold 2 that all the rumors are about. Here are our top 5 newcomers:

  • In addition to the keyboard of a nine-key crosshair to navigate a text
  • Added a taskbar that shows recently opened apps
  • Added a three-finger gesture to create a multi-window session
  • Addition of several very practical widgets
  • The Control Center is now divided into two sections: quick settings and notifications.

MIUI 13 beta download link for Mi MIX Fold

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