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Xiaomi will launch Rugged Smartphones with IP certification in 2018

According to the latest rumors, Xiaomi is working on a new robust powerfully built smartphone with IP certification. Still, to evaluate the rumors against the Xiaomi’s capacity, many experts say that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer cannot simply include the Rugged phones with IP certification because of a diverse portfolio of products.

Not fully rugged phone but we can expect new waterproof, dust resistant and impact-resistant smartphone adding up to the Xiaomi’s existing lineup.

Last June, the company’s CEO Lei Jun, informed about the smartphone with IP certification but he did not mention any specific details about the product.

When we look at Xiaomi’s products popularity it comes at the price of price to performance ratio, which means customers can get phones relatively cheaper with the same performance, if the performance gets higher the price gets higher too.

However, Xiaomi while considering rugged phones with IP certification might fail due to high costs, on average 20% to 30% can be added to smartphones they are considered rugged.

Nevertheless, CEO Lei Jun said if it was of their customer’s interest to have those features, then we will definitely implement those features.

Other smartphone manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony already have launched a number of smartphones with IP certification. But Xiaomi’s top-rated flagships Mi 6 and Mi Mix 2 doesn’t have that feature.

According to some well-informed sources, you may expect Xiaomi to launch rugged phone features in their upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7, the phone is expected to be announced during the first half of 2018.

The phone will eventually be considered a high-end and high-tech device. Rumors also suggest the phone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with large internal storage and wireless Qi charging.