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Intel and AMD are teaming up to produce Laptop chips

Both laptop technology rivals Intel and AMD are now joining hands together to produce a new microprocessor that combines Intel’s core architecture and AMD’s custom graphics core.

You may be able to buy a new laptop probably next year which will have both Intel and AMD inside. The collaboration comes after Intel announced to introduce new Intel technology which allows for smaller and more power-efficient chips.

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The new product will be aimed at laptops that are lightweight but are also designed to handle gaming and other graphics-intensive applications.

According to PC World the new core chip will have Radeon graphics inside, the Intel’s core chip powered by AMD Radeon graphics is the new chip aimed at targeting gaming market.

The project is technically initiated by Intel, AMD is looking it as a one-off job similar to its current supply model which supplies semi-custom processors to game console manufacturers.

However, it’s a strong partnership ahead that could launch a joint attack on Nvidia in high-end laptop space.