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Yes! We have made mistakes—Mark Zuckerberg admits

Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Facebook Inc. has admitted after the Analytica scandal that they have made mistakes which affects the trust of our users.

Mark issued the statement after the allegation against the social networking company that Facebook has misused the personal information and data of over 50 million people by giving access to the third party company to the databases.

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Mark vows to make several changes in their privacy and security measures to ensure that this will not happen again. According to the details, after the changes, the third-party applications wouldn’t easily get information of the users.

He added that Analytica Cambridge has violated the trust agreement between the Facebook and the company. It also hurts the trust of the people on Facebook.

Mark posted on his Facebook profile that he started the Facebook and everything happening on the social platform is my responsibility.