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You can opt out of Facebook’s ad tracking, but there is a catch

Due to pressure from the EU, Meta is finally changing its ad-tracking strategy. The company has now enabled the feature for users that will let them opt out of tracking on Facebook and Instagram. Previously, Meta has been heavily fined by European regulators. As a result, Meta stated that it will exit its social sites i.e., Facebook and Instagram from the European market. However, such threats didn’t help the company much. Now, Meta is finally following the EU norms.

A recent report by The Wall Street Journal states that Meta will now allow its EU users to escape tracking. The feature will be available by coming Wednesday. According to this report, users of Meta’s services in the EU have the option to opt for a version of the company’s services that would only target them with advertisements based on general information, such as their age and general location. They won’t be targeted for information about the videos they watch or the content they click on within Meta’s apps, as it currently does.

Meta will continue to challenge the EU’s regulations and penalties

Well, this new announcement by the company might sound good.  But this is just on paper. On the ground things are different. In reality, the new feature that let users opt out of tracking is a bothersome task. Since users are required to fill out an online form in which they will mention their concerns regarding the company’s use of their in-app activity for ads.

Once the form is submitted, the company will decide on the request whether to approve it or deny it. Well, it appears like Meta is not ready to accept things with ease. Even though the company has introduced the new option still it is confused about whether to implement the change or not.

The company states that it will continue to challenge the EU’s regulations and fines imposed on it. However, in the meantime, the company is bound to follow the guidelines. Nonetheless, it should be emphasized that Meta’s complicated opt-out strategy may lead to more accusations against the business.

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