Careem Customers and Captains Personal Data hacked

Careem has just disclosed on its official Facebook page that on 14th of January 2018, the ride-hailing app was hacked and the data of customers and captain was compromised.

In a Facebook post-Careem has stated, “Dear Customers, Careem has identified a cyber incident that took place in January 2018 involving unauthorized access to the system we use to store data.
In line with our values, it is our responsibility to be open with you about the incident and to reaffirm our commitment to protecting your privacy and data. We also want to share with you the actions we’ve taken to address the issue.”

A hackers group got unauthorized access to Careem servers. But it is being mentioned that no misuse of data or fraudulent activity was reported.

In the post, Careem officials have not mentioned what percentage of customers and captains data have been affected due to this breach.

Those customers who had their credit card data associated with the Careem account, the officials said that there is “no evidence that your password or credit card number had been compromised”.

But the advice is that the customers check their emails, bank account, credit card details and change their passwords.

Also, as per the Careem management, they have resolved the issues, loopholes, and exposures that allowed the hackers to hack the Careem system. Furthermore, the company is starting an investigation into the matter and will work with “leading cybersecurity experts” and government officials to look deeply into the matter.

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It is a matter of concern that user data is not safe anywhere be it social media sites or social media apps. Just recently Facebook faced a major scandal as 50 million user data was compromised. 

So the advice to everyone out there is just try and control the amount of data you share on social media apps & sites.