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You Would Be Able To Adjust Flash Light Brightness In Android 13

Google released the first developer preview of Android 13 at the beginning of February and the version with the internal name Tiramisu also brings many innovations. But some things are still hidden in the code or under development, including a photo function.

Almost all smartphones today have an LED flash. This is especially useful when shooting close-up people and objects in low-light conditions. However, this also has its pitfalls, because usually, the light from such an LED flash is everything else beneficial. Some people, therefore, want to be able to set the intensity of the flash individually and not just binary choose between on and off.

New APIs

And that is exactly what Google is currently preparing: Because how? ‘espers’ writes (via android authority), the next version of the Google OS will have two new APIs called “getTorchStrengthLevel” and “turnOnTorchWithStrengthLevel”. The first Application Programming Interface (API) returns the brightness level of the LED flash, the second allows to adjust the brightness level from a minimum of “1” to a maximum specified by the hardware. Until now, there was only one API for this, which was “setTorchMode” and that was just the one called on and off. That’s certainly gratifying, but it doesn’t mean all smartphones will have this option.

Because to be able to use this, a suitable camera or an accompanying flash will probably be needed. At the moment one can only speculate which smartphones are suitable for this, but one can certainly assume that Google’s own or current Pixel devices are suitable for this. Many Samsung owners are not bothered by this because the Korean manufacturer has been offering this type of functionality for a long time. However, Google wants to make this an integral part of Android and thus make it possible for all manufacturers.