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Android 13 Feature Will free 60% More Storage Space

According to a blog post from the Android developers, it will be possible to save a lot of storage space in the future – without uninstalling apps. Because in the new Google operating system, applications simply have to be put “on hold”. We will tell you exactly how this works below. A few months after the release of Android 12, there are more and more rumors about the successor Android 13.

Now Google is commenting on an upcoming feature. in a blog post Lidia Gaymond and Vicki Amin, product managers at Google Play, present a new feature that can save up to 60% of smartphone storage space. The function is called “archive” and it should do just that. So if you don’t need apps for a while, you can archive them and use them again later. The feature comes at a very opportune time as many manufacturers now do not have a MicroSD memory card slot in their smartphones. So if you flood your smartphone with apps, the existing memory will be full quickly.

App archiving

The principle of archiving is quite simple. When you install an app on your smartphone, you download a certain amount of data. The application is now functional and provides all the features provided by the developer. Archiving removes a large part of the data, but not the information that is already personalized in the app. The advantage of this is that the applications can be reactivated at any time without losing usage data. A big advantage if you don’t want to lose memory states in mobile games or settings in camera apps, for example. Currently, you can usually only retrieve the saves if the app offers a login function.