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YouTube Chapters Feature Is In Testing To Improve User Experience

Longer videos can be annoying on YouTube, especially if you are looking for a certain passage. Although you can set timestamps so that the clip starts at a certain point, this is ultimately tedious. But soon there will be a remedy.

Google‘s video platform is a standard for all conceivable content, but using YouTube is not always really convenient. An example: Many game walkthrough videos or other tutorials are split into longer, approximately one-hour parts, but if you are looking for a specific passage or solution, the search can prove to be quite tedious.

If a link is provided with a timestamp, you will come directly to the video at a certain time, but several such markings can only be set in the description of the video and therefore not used easily. But Google probably has some insight, because according to Android Police, it has started to distribute a kind of chapter function.

YouTube New Chapter Feature Is Being Tested

With the new function, which has so far only been distributed to a few YouTubers, chapters can be created automatically. The basis for this is the timestamps that can be specified in the video description, from which the system creates the “directly” displayed chapters in the clip.

This “work” of the timestamps in the description is essential because YouTube does not automatically create chapters. If desired, these sections appear at the bottom of the respective video, similar to the suggestions in the mobile version of the app.

At the moment it is still a test, but we strongly believe that the feature has a good chance of being released to the general public. It is not yet possible to say when that will be the case.

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