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YouTube Dark Theme rolls out to Android Users to watch videos at night

YouTube Dark Theme

Since IOS users are enjoying YouTube’s Dark Theme for the last four months, YouTube has decided to do it for Android users now, so now YouTube Dark Theme rolls out for Android Users as well.

If you are a night watchman then you’re going to love this theme, providing comfort to your eyes if you are watching videos at night.

YouTube rollout is first expected to reach Google-powered devices such as Pixels, but it will take more time to reach other devices globally. You can always check for it by navigating to settings>general section.

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However, it is not estimated that how much time it will take to reach all the devices globally, Google has not commented yet on the time frame, but sooner or later you will get this update on your phone.

The new dark theme will turn the user interface background which is white normally, to dark gray and the text would appear in white color. YouTube has now taken care of your eyes while browsing videos, the second benefit of dark theme is you wouldn’t feel much screen cutout with notch phones while browsing videos.

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