YouTube is Launching a Tik-Tok like product with a name YouTube Shorts


YouTube is providing its users with a new short-form video experience by launching YouTube Shorts. It is going to be like TikTok but it will a sub-app of YouTube. TikTok has been the most used application all over the world, therefore many other social media platforms inspired by TikTok are also coming up with their sub-app or features.  

Earlier, Instagram came up with a feature named Reels after getting inspired by TikTok and now YouTube is introducing YouTube Shorts.

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As per YouTube, Shorts is a way to express yourself in a video less than 15 seconds. Now the YouTube users will be able to watch and create short videos directly on the YouTube Platform.

This new sub-app is going to provide the creators of the video with different tools on their cellular devices. It will have a multi-segment camera which will help the creators to string together multiple videos in one short clip, just like TikTok. It will also provide a timer, countdown, and speed controls.

The creators will be able to sync music in videos as YouTube is also providing an access to a library of songs. The tools which YouTube is providing are similar to the TikTok video recording experience. Instagram on the other hand also provided the same tools for Reels.

So far, this YouTube app-feature is available in India only where TikTok is already banned. But, YouTube has also planned to expand Shorts to other countries a well.    

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via ProPakistani